Chapter 05 - Facetune made me do it

Long story short, earlier today one of the influencers I follow asked his community to "caption this selfie" and my cynical side wrote "facetune made me do it" which at the time seemed hilarious to me. Naturally,  my comment was shortly deleted. 

Here is the ugly truth: we all use Facetune, Photoshop, Youcam, VScocam etc to beautify or embellish, if you like, reality. And that is ok, cause aesthetics come first on a visual platform like Instagram. However in this same world, there's no laws to date that legislate or control any kind of visual modification to a full on extreme retouching.

Ironically, today's laws on tv are harsher than our daily feed.

Ironically, today's role models idolize supersized bodily features on superskinny bodies. And we thought Barbie's proportions were inhumane.

Ironically, today's travel destinations and tourist places on our feed seem to be empty,  beautifully decorated locations with no one but us, however last time I went to the Taj or the Eiffel Tower I could barely see the statues. 

And here's the trap: we all know, or at least people with photography or graphic design skills know that we are just being exposed to a daily fantasy. But what happens when a naive, unexposed crowd perceives this as his or hers daily reality and lifetime goals? What happens when the young girl sees the facetuned selfie of her favorite icon as the quintessence of real human beauty? What happens when plastic will no longer be fantastic? 

Goodnight millenial folks sleep well beauties xx