Chapter 04 - August & Chill

It's 3am and I can't sleep. No it's not because there's an excess amount of alcohol or other recreational substances in my body nor cause it's too warm too function; it's cause I just watched yet another episode of the extraordinary series The HandMaid's Tale. And I'm only at episode 3...


Long story short, tv series and Netflix rule. At least a selective bunch of them that is. Literally for the first time on TV, or better yet on my Iphone I can binge watch quality tv. And the options are plenty. From the extremely dystopian sci fi Black Mirror (I mean the social media episode is about to come true like tomorrow), to the teenage drama 13 Reasons Why (teen suicide from bullying is at record high among millenials), the anorexia centric teen movie To The Bone (just realized a few dear friends are actually suffering of), they all have something in common: they make you stop and think beyond the pretty picture. And that gives me hope that our generation still has brains and beliefs - we just need to use them more often than taking selfies.


However, the best of the best this season is definitely the Hulu series - inspired by my all favorite woman author Margaret Artwood and the series Handmaid's Tale. Seriously. This hunger game mood/sepia shot series hits so close to home and given the current political situation, it is a fantasy not that far from a terrible reality. I mean from the way the new form of patriarchy is portrayed, the gender (in)equality, to the subliminal references of eastern religions and the complexity of the woman psyche, it's all too real and hard to swallow.


But in a good way. In a way that keeps you awake at night. In a way that makes you want to stand up for women's rights, trans rights and oppose tyrannic behavior. And that is the power of visual arts. 

So if you have nothing better to do this summer, be healthy, stay home and watch something that will provoke your brains, stimulate your guts and make you be passionate about other humans.  

Sidenote: For those moments when it gets all too real, I hear Riverdale, Sense8 and Twin Peaks are not that bad ;)