Chapter 07 - Why Losing Followers Feels Good

The mechanics of what is a good engaging post on social media is no more a random game, trust me. There are full on analytical case studies, apps, algorythms that can distinguish a good selfie from a bad one, a successful post from a mediocre one just by looking at the color intensity, the symmetry and the # and timing strategy around each post. 

So next time you think what you see is a result of pure on spontaneity and creative spark, think again. Most of the influential and branded content is a result of constant, thoughtful elaboration.

The follower gain and numbers treasure hunting? That too is not based on a magical talent that God blessed you with but on logical mechanics that evaluate your always on interaction with the community.  

A month ago, I was personally stressed of losing followers, even if the number was at ridiculously minimal levels, each loss was almost a heavy burden that reflected my failure on the social heaven called Instagram. And for no logical reason, after all I am not an influencer per se, making millions out of content. And yet, failure over something so futile seemed irrestistibly devastating. 

And then one day, I woke up. And i saw it as a blessing. Why? Because there is nothing more precious about expressing who you really are, for those who really appreciate you. It is a blessing in disguise that some of my fellow influencer colleagues and friends have figured out already. It is the few people that are the most passionate about your work and mentoring you through every step of the way that really matter. It is the people you can learn from and even teach something that you should seek out to. Number is just a bubble. Action, interaction and real life mentoring and help is what we should opt too.  

I know it is not easy especially for those addicted, but it starts with less time on this little device between your hands and more time listening to this little device behind your chest (hope i didnt fuck up the anatomy class for a heart metaphor here)