Chapter 06 Extreme is The New Black

If reading this title makes you question my racist nature, do not worry, it is not your fault. And no my chapter title was not reffering to African American citizens but to the infamous style quote. 

It is beyond my understanding, how in the year 2017, we ended up seeing extreme right symbols from a terrible past resurface on the net. And despite the fact that there is a number of people actually raising their voice about it on social media, the Charlottesville topic is still underrepresented vs the content released. No, it should not be an opportunity for trending but an opportunity for raising awareness. Awareness to the fact that in today's world, anything extreme is the new black. And that is dangerous.

What Trump and Kylie Jenner have in common apart from an entrepreneurial bone and an outrageous thirst for fame is their representation of the extreme. And they both succesfully sell in their own way. One's extreme political statements are another's extremely oversized lips. And that sells today just for the mere fact that it stands out. Because in our world with such a plethora of info, we now know for a fact that only 10% actually gets to be seen: 10% on either side of the spectrum, whether it's the best or the worst. We all remember the "better people talking shit about you than not talking at all" quote or the memorable "bad publicity is still publicity" kind of attitude.

So with that in mind, it shouldn't come as a shock that extreme political, overpassionate behavior is more common than not. But this means trouble because as the Charlottesville events proved is that this 10% of extremists can also create the biggest drama as they have the biggest of drive. 

Unfortunately I do not have a solution, other than urging that the ones in economic or media power (beyond a biased government) raise awareness and educate the people of today's reality. Cause while we are out there enjoying avotoasts in millenial pink tees, there is people in torches parading on a tune of hate.