Since there was nothing better to do on a cloudy Saturday night in Paris, why not write about a subject that can raise some questions in our educational system. It might be a boring subject for most of us, but still something to think about. For years now we are expected to finish school, then enter university where we are supposed to learn most of our analytical, critical skills to move on and become full grown citizens ready to enter the workplace and work a 12h day work so that we can pay off our student loans, Netflix subscription and the occasional splurge on that Gucci tee. However, I have been recently bombarded by millenial cases in which, despite the average norm or the so called "Average Joes" that we all so love or used to love, have never stepped a foot on a university campus. And, what is crazy, is that these "Self Made" Ygeners also tend to be making quite a plausible career, despite their almost rebel attitude towards the system. In fact, they are making more money at a younger age, at a better speed, with full financial responsabilities and under better conditions than some older ones under their 30s. They made something out of nothing and that's with no questioning, pure GOALS. 

Come to think of it, my father never made it to university. He built his very own business model out of nothing and turned it into something sustainable enough to support a more than healthy lifestyle for me and the rest of my family. So, here's the million dollar question, TO WHAT EXTENT IS UNIVERSITY REALLY NECESSARY THESE DAYS? To some it might come as a shock, or an absolute outrage but here's the thing (doctors & scientists & lawyers etc aside): why would someone that is into marketing, consulting, advertising, communication and the fields around be obliged to follow a full on education that he will have to repay for a certain amount of years in his adult life, only to get paid an average salary? Is going to uni (when relevant to the beauty/fashion/Advertising domain) something for the average and not for the 10%? Is the old school system of coming out of a good Ecole De Commerce even relevant on today's workplace? And should the leading business men of tomorrow be judged by a simple graduation paper or their capacity to have built their own empire from scratch?

 Let me know your thoughts, for those still brave enough to read xx


PS1: In case you are wondering, at the time when I was a student ie 2008, going to uni was not even a question but more of a pure given, especially for a straight A student. Having been myself to university for 4 years somewhere in the United Kingdom far far away, I must admit that my experience was outstanding and full of life experiences when it came to bonding with other people, learning to stand on my own two feet and exploring who I am as a person. Do I regret it? No. Would I have prefered to already built my own empire instead though? Definitely.  

PS2: promise the next chapter will be a bit sexier ;)