Chapter 02: Pretty Hurts

While I was driving* down Malibu beach the other day, there was one thought that kept on coming back on my mind (just like a commercial song that you love to hate and end up listening to again and again and again):  Thank god I am not a teenage girl or boy at our era. I can't even begin to imagine how terrifying that must be and what a source of infinite insecurities and trips to the local therapists our current beauty stereotypes have been causing those parents. I mean think about it: in all due respect to the industry that I truly adore and that has provided me food, shelter and a full blown career, we are basically saying to these young kids in more than one cases: plastic is fantastic. Literally.  Whether is complete face alteration, synthetic hair, body enhancements or overphotoshopped pics, artificial reality seems to be the ordre du jour. No wonder Selena's 13 Reasons Why and all these teenage drama paraphernalia hit so close to home. Cause well, let's face it, being in a high school sucks for most of us. But being in a high school during today's artificial world must suck extra hard. And even if we are all human beings with a brain, we tend to forget that we are still driven by emotion and not by reason. And emotion can only create more insecurities, more anxiety, more of all these things that keep us awake at night wondering what the f to do next. So, I couldn't help but wonder, just like Carrie Bradshaw would occasionally say while typing on her iconic Mac somewhere in a studio far far away, whose responsibility is this and will it ever stop? Will natural be sexy again beyond a Glossier balm? And is having partially given into this world on several occasions make me a schizophrenic millenial on the verge?   Simple thoughts, no simple answers. For what is worth, at least we are here to discuss. Keep on sending me your thoughts. Bonne nuit x 


*: correction, I don't actually drive, i am driven to places - never touched a stirring wheel in my life - guilty as charged, it just sounded more poetic, get with it 

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