the unbearable lightness of (not) being an influencer 

(a millennial essay from a millennial boy to his fellow millennial friends )  

Chapter 01 or who knows

What did just happen? How did we allow ourselves to change values so fast? Since when having a six pack, a surplus of unknown followers and an insatiable desire for vscocam perfectly curated pics became an end life goal? Since when did we think it was ok to replace our interest in arts, literature, honesty, unconditional love by a mere number at the bottom of yet another selfie? Since when did we decide it is ok to fixate our sight on a tiny screen, leaving life around simply pass us by? It came as a shock to realise that more than 2 years of my life i was stuck in a virtual box that i signed up for. I, voluntarily, like the majority of my generation, opted for virtual interactions rather than face to face conversations. I, like my millennial compatriots, chose to live my most precious vacation moments through a screen because suddenly the captures in my memory seemed to be outdated. They say a picture is worth a 1000 words, but whatever happens when that picture has nothing left to say? These were the questions that started crawling into his mind, on a Saturday afternoon somewhere under a perfect, #instafriendly sunset in Paris. 


PS1: sorry there won't be any pretty pictures to distract you from reading.

PS2: the title is an homage to one of my favorite books of all times, hope you ll appreciate this. 

PS3: below all the messages i ve received so far, thank you for the love and open discussion.